The bill collectors have to get paid

Some people obviously think no matter what, the bill collectors have to get paid. One of the books my bankruptcy lawyer gave me to read said that certain things ALWAYS come before the damn bill collector.

Those few things include rent, utilities, car payment & insurance, student loan(s), medications and other things that are considered more important than adding to the bill collectors’ commission.

I believe under certain circumstances such as your roommates, there should be some slack to allow for one to get back on their feet (if at all possible). Not everyone can live up to Arts idea of perfection when it comes to finances. After all, this is an imperfect world, which is why bankruptcy was invented – for the rest of us imperfect suckers.

Also, you can become a vegetarian — that’ll cut the grocery bill in half!

I think that some people file bankruptcy just because they feel CORNERED and ATTACKED by the creditors. They may truly want to repay their debts and be responsible, but then as they are doing what they can to repay the debts, the money is not getting there soon enough in large enough amounts for the creditors and collection agencies who call, write, etc. constantly, so in the end, the person just files to make it all stop!!!!

I can understand that.

The video below explains your rights against debt collection agencies:

I have not filed bankruptcy myself, but I can see how a person would be led to do so. I love that those same creditors went out of their way to get the new laws changed to make it tougher to file, more expensive to file, more restrictive to file. These same companies hate to “work with you” to repay the debts.

Yes, you charged whatever, but if you fall onto a state of having $200 a month to live on and feed your kids and nobody will help you with any kind of assistance because “you make too much money” and you have to decide RIGHT NOW – feed your kids, pay the mortgage or the credit card bills???? Easy choice?

I can see bk looking like a real viable option. It happens.

Getting a second job at night after my full-time job would not work. I would spend all of the money on paying the nighttime babysitter to watch my kids. That would defeat the purpose. I stopped using the cards, so that helps. At least there will not be any new debts.