Just a little personal note here

Just a little personal note here…. Several years ago I was looking at in the ball park of $30,000 in debt (credit cards, personal loans, medical bills,etc) because of no one’s fault but my own. I built of the bills and lived a very free spending life style. Well then I lost my job and was suddenly without any way of making my minimums or paying anything else.

I tried very hard to, I went and talked to a lawyer about bankruptcy and was going to file for it, just to get a clean start and turn my life around (I was only 24). Well unfortunately my father suddenly passed away and I came into enough money to pay off all my debts, and I did. I called each creditor explained that I could pay them off, got current balances, did check by phones and mailed checks.

What ever they wanted just to get it done. And I felt good about it. I didn’t cheat anyone, I paid what I owed. And now 9 years later I wish that I had filed bankruptcy. I got a call 2 weeks ago from a creditor that I had paid off then wanting me to pay the bill again. Thankfully I have all my documentation still. It is ridiculous. I went through a divorce a few years back and all that stuff was still listed on my credit report I had a horrible time finding anyone to refinance my house because of it.

And it was PAID OFF. I am not trying to persuade anyone to file bankruptcy because I do think too many people use it as an easy way out, but paying off creditors that have charged off your accounts or that have been bought & sold by credit collection agencies doesn’t always make things right either.

I forget the other members name (the one who espouses being responsible, etc.) but some people would rather see everyone pay all credit bills & to heck with your being able to have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, much needed medicine to keep you from having a seizure so you can drive to work to get your paycheck. Sorry, but I pay what I can as I go along. My main concerns are rent, medicine & car payment & insurance. And then everything else falls into place after those!!

I’m sorry about the loss of your father at such a young age, but it did give you what was supposed to be a fresh start. When my dad died, (we shared this house) I was plummeted to only SSI to live on.

OK, things are better, but I did look into bankruptcy. I do not see it as an easy way out, but sheesh… If things happen and you can’t help it… What if you father died leaving you NOTHING? What then?

Your point about keeping all documentation and it coming in handy NINE years later is well taken 🙂 I have all my bumph as well.

Have a good day 🙂