Interest rates

I am finally able to save some money

This imperfect sucker is going to be 60 years old this year. I am finally able to save some money. Who knows where social security will be?

After plodding along for over a decade paying ,and paying ,and paying the last straw came when my business went downhill and I was three months behind with Citibank. All that was left of the debt was interest and fees. They sold it to a debt buyer who intimidated me and added their own interst, yet kept me in the dark about that. Almost $2000 later I find out the debt I thought I was paying was only getting larger!

I thought interest was only to be charged on money borrowed. I didn’t borrow any from these crooks at that agency! If debt buyers are legally allowed to charge interest, it should ONLY be allowed for the amount they purchased the debt for which usually amounts to pennies on the dollar.

It’s no wonder the debt buying business is growing by leaps and bounds and several agencies have gone public. There is alot to be made in America by taking advantage of those who can least afford it. Especially those who are sacred. Also it’s useful to know that cash advance loans also pull you credit report, but sometimes getting a loan can even rise your fico score and therefore help you even more! We live in Utah and in case of urgent need of cash we use this Utah payday loans website.

Some of you can go ahead and judge all you want. Until you have walked in someones elses shoes.. you just don’t know!

Maybe some of the anger aimed at those who have filed bankruptcy should be directed at the many predators in this country who drive a person to default. And even more anger directed at the so called leaders in the US Congress who allow these predators to thrive. All because they need and accept huge sums of money for these ridiculously high priced campaigns.