Debt collectors

Credit companies write/off your debt plus interest in 180 days

Just to let you know the credit companies write/off your debt plus interest in 180 days. thats i believe thats the law. if they dont get a payment. then they sell to a collector.

this stays on your credit report for seven years and then it has to come off. but if the collection agency can get you to pay even 10.00 the seven years starts over again. just alittle info.

My mantra (keeping it as clean as possible) these days is “To hell with the bill collectors!” As I’ve mentioned a number of times, despite my writing to these crooks, they continue to harass me regarding my mother’s debts even though she died four months ago.

Cuss at them on the phone, hang up when a recording tells you to wait, hang up when you hear silence after answering the phone, ask them who they are. These folks calling are nothing but a bunch of illiterate morons who can’t get a job doing anything else. I’d rather try and sleep at night and live with myself knowing I’m doing the best I can for my fellow man rather than contributing to the pockets of the millionaire and billionaire stockholders of Citibank, Visa, Mastercard, the gas companies, etc.

A loud whistle (or air horn) blasted into the phone might do some good as well.

The difference between running up debt and other issues is that gay men are not calling you up screaming at you to stop being gay; overweight people are not calling other overweight people screaming to lose weight; etc.

What is immoral (in my opinion) is the constant haranguing, empty threats, phone calls and other tactics that people use to try to get you to pay a debt you may be willing to pay but circumstances prevent you. I’d love to pay off all my debts.

However, in my loyalty to work for one company, the owner would lay us off a few days at a time rather than hire a salesperson to bring in more business. While the school I work at now is getting hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, it does not appear in our paychecks. The abusive debt collectors should be harassing our employers to have them pay us more money than bothering those of us who would be happy to relieve our debt but only have so much to go around.

By the way, I don’t see you sharing any helpful advice. You’re just proselytizing. How many children do you have to feed? And others’ “helpful” advice involves getting paid six figures or a nice inheritance. Anyone want to include me in their will it is o.k. by me.